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Canikur Tablets

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12 x 4.4g Tablets
8 x 12 x 4.4g Tablets


Canikur Tablets are recommended for use  to help during a digestive upset  or to help maintain normal digestive function.

Palatable and very effective, Canikur tablets can also be used as a bulking agent .

A combination of electrolytes and kaolin.

6-15 kgs - 2 tablets twice daily for 2 days
16-25 kgs - 3 tablets twice daily for 2 days
26-40 kgs - 4 tablets twice daily
41 60kgs - 5 tablets twice daily.

Please consult your vet for advice on the use of this product. Alternatively call  our pharmacy dept. and ask to speak to one of our vets who will be able to advise you on the most suitable solution for your pet.




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