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Protexin Pro-Fibre Rabbits Pot

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Protexin Pro Fibre for Rabbits is a pelleted product for addition to the daily food of rabbits to improve the amount of fibre in your pets diet.

It has been found that many modern foods leave your pet with insufficient fibre which may lead to alimentary problems, especially in the hind gut. It is suggested in some cases that impaction of the anal glands may be the result of insufficient dietary fibre.

The beneficial micro-organisms contained in this product occur naturally in the gut of all healthy animals. Probiotics colonise the gut and help exclude potentially pathogenic bacteria. The fibre content of Pro-Fibre is multi-sourced and comprises of both digestible and indigestible components.

Higher fibre diets produce an increase in stool diameter which is important in triggering the emptying of the anal sacs during defaecation.




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