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Canikur Pro Paste
Canikur Pro Paste

Canikur Pro Paste

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Encourage healthy digestion and help your pet to fight off illness with Canikur Pro paste. How it works It won’t be a challenge to feed this tasty and tempting Canikur Pro paste to your...  Read more

Canikur Pro Paste

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Product details

Encourage healthy digestion and help your pet to fight off illness with Canikur Pro paste.
How it works
It won’t be a challenge to feed this tasty and tempting Canikur Pro paste to your dog, whether it’s directly from the syringe or – for fussier pets – mixed in with their daily meal. This product is made with a range of ingredients, including prebiotics, that naturally balance your dog’s gut bacteria, promoting digestive health and regular bowel movements. Absorbent clay montmorillonite helps to eradicate toxins, while good bacteria can feed off Canikur’s special BioMos-C ingredient, which also helps to prevent the bad kind from attaching to the walls of the gut.
Key benefits

  • promotes digestive health
  • gives the immune system a boost
  • probiotics included to increase population of healthy gut bacteria
  • montmorillonite clay removes toxins and viruses
  • tasty meaty flavour to tempt your pet

When to use it
It’s vital to keep your dog’s gut flora healthy, as it contributes massively to the proper functioning of their immune system. This paste is ideal for using when your dog suffers a stomach upset, perhaps after eating something they shouldn't have, as it'll help to restore balance. It's also great for giving pets a boost before or after surgery, or to provide extra support to an aging pet. Feeding this paste to your dog daily can even help to reduce the likelihood of liver disorders, obesity and GI abnormalities developing. If your dog seems to be suffering with a digestive issue which shoes no signs of clearing, contact your vet for advice. They may suggest using a daily supplement this like one. 


Dogs' Weight (Kg) Dosage
10kg or less 2ml twice daily
11 - 25kg 4ml twice daily
26-40kg  6ml twice daily
More than 50kg 8ml twice daily

Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 52  Reviews

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  • An essential in my cupboard
    This is a great product that I always have in my cupboard, any tummy problems and I start on the canikur and the best bit is all the dogs love the taste, so really easy to administer
    Annette Gillingham - April 17, 2019
  • Great product to have in the cupboard
    I always try to have some of this in my cupboard, any tummy problems and I use canacur, usually sorts everything out before we need the vets!! Great product
    Annette Gillingham - September 21, 2018
  • Recommended
    This has been recommended to me to keep in the cupboard if needed. I have not used it yet but my friends swear by it so I bought the bigger size. Really pleased I have this if the need arises and it arrived very promptly, thank you.
    Kim - June 4, 2018
  • Canikur pro paste
    My little mongrel bitch has recurring colitis, and often needs extra help to settle her tummy. This paste is ideal as she doesn't mind it in her food. Now I know I don't have to go to the vets each time, I keep some handy and it helps keep down the vets bills.
    Jan Stock - May 16, 2018
  • Canicur paste
    Very good for tummy upsets, always have some in the house. Saves many a vet bill and costs half the price.
    Barbara Newman - March 27, 2018