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Kokoba Medium Cat Scratching Tree - Royal

Kokoba Medium Cat Scratching Tree - Royal
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Your cat will be in their element as they play in this medium-sized cat tree, scratching, jumping and relaxing. How it works  Cats love climbing and watching the world go by. The... Read more

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Product details

Your cat will be in their element as they play in this medium-sized cat tree, scratching, jumping and relaxing.

How it works 

Cats love climbing and watching the world go by. The medium-sized cat tree allows your furry friend to explore platforms on different levels and gives them a space to sit back and supervise what’s going on down below.

The scratching posts are wrapped in tough sisal, which is hardwearing but also feels great on your pet’s claws. It’s important that your kitty has a place to scratch as it’s part of their natural instincts to use it to mark their territory, which helps them feel more secure and relaxed.

Key benefits

  • encourages your cat’s natural scratching instincts
  • scratching posts are made from a tough and durable material
  • several different levels for your pet to climb and sleep on
  • strong base and multiple platforms
  • promotes stretching and jumping.

When to use it 

Cats are independent animals that enjoy having their own space to make their own. Scratching and climbing are both part of your pet’s natural traits that the cat tree encourages, providing them with stable surfaces and platforms to explore.

Place the portable cat tree in their favourite scratching spot so they feel at ease and comfortable. It's important that your cat is able to scratch and jump as it encourages them to stretch and strengthen their muscles. And of course, providing your cat with their own spot to do this will keep their claws away from your furniture.

Excessive scratching could be a sign of stress, so if you notice that they’re doing it more than usual, contact your vet.

Size Guide

Pole Diameter Depth Width Height
 9 cm  35 cm 50 cm 130cm

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Customer reviews

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    Overall I'm very impressed with the quality and size of this item, and extremely straightforward assembly wise - pretty sturdy and well made. Two small niggles - the centre circle & as pointed out by a previous reviewer) is very small and neither of my cats, who are medium sized, can get in it. The centre platform has two screws on top where the platforms is attached to the lower sisal posts - easy for cats to get their claws caught, but equally easy to remedy, as it's a small issue - I simply covered them with a small piece of material. Other scratch posts have material covering the holes, which you can simply poke through - much safer, and a note for the manufacturer! Overall I would definitely recommend this product, especially for smaller households who have minimal room, similar to mine.
    Karen - June 27, 2018
  • Good quality
    This is a very good quality cat scratcher for the price. Was expecting it to be a bit flimsy but it wasn’t. Was easy to put together & the cats love it. Only given 4 stars as the only downside is that none of my cats can get into the top bed as it’s quite wide & positioned in the centre. Obviously not all cats would have that problem but none of my 4 cats have managed it & had the post for a while now. Overall though it’s definitely worth the money.
    Jools - April 4, 2018