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Naturediet Original Chicken and Lamb

Naturediet Original Chicken and Lamb
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Naturediet original with chicken and lamb is made without the ingredients that are most likely to cause your dog irritation.  What it's for When your pet has an allergic reaction to their... Read more

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Product details

Naturediet original with chicken and lamb is made without the ingredients that are most likely to cause your dog irritation. 

What it's for

When your pet has an allergic reaction to their food, it can make them very uncomfortable. Look out for symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy and sore patches of skin – these could all be signs that their food isn’t agreeing with them. If you spot any of these signs, speak to your vet straight away. They'll be able to give your dog a full checkup to see what's causing the problem. 

Switching their food to a natural one, like Naturediet, is the simplest way to ease symptoms and get your furry friend on the right track to a happy and healthy life. Always read the feeding guidelines to make sure you’re not over or underfeeding, as this can make them lose or gain weight. If your dog is still poorly even after switching their food, speak to the vet again. 

Key benefits

  • can be given to all breeds
  • all-natural ingredients
  • steam cooked to lock in goodness
  • no added flavours, preservatives or colours
  • can help limit or reduce allergic reactions
  • easy to digest

How it works

Free from artificial ingredients like flavourings and preservatives, this food is super gentle on your dog's tummy. It’s made using fresh ingredients like high-quality chicken and lamb for protein and steamed veg for vitamins. Protein is super important so your dog can maintain lean, healthy muscles, while carbohydrates give them the energy they need to run, play and explore. Using vegetables rather than wholegrains also makes this food easy on their digestive system. 


Chicken 36%, Lamb 24%, Rice 10%, Vegetables 6%, Natural Ground Bone, Seaweed Meal

Customer reviews

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  • Nature diet dog food
    This is very good food. I agree the individual pack is a bit difficult to open but just use scissors at one end and peel it off. Each pack lasts 2 days for my little dog. Delivery from MedicAninmal is very good. altogether a good service. Doesn't seem to be a loyalty service now as mentioned by the previous customer.
    Mavis - December 5, 2018
  • Naturediet
    The product inside the packaging seems very good. It was recommended to us by friends who have a brood bitch for the Hearing Dogs and it was them who recommended the product to our friends. My only gripe is the packaging. I am in my sixties but I’m fit and go to the gym....but getting the top of the container off always seems a real challenge. Thumb into the corner make sure your hands are absolutely dry and start with a wiggle...deep breath..go! Not a problem if your dog is having the whole tray I knife round the edge and scoop it out..job done. But for our two mini dacs there are three meals each and so its not necessarily convenient to do that. But try it and see what you think. Service from Pet Supermarket very good - no problem there.
    Steve - December 20, 2016
  • brilliant
    our fussy dog loves this and his coat and skin has improved greatly.
    silvia - November 4, 2016
  • Top notch
    My gsd has sensitive stomach and this is one of the very foods she can tolerate and enjoy, plus it contains natural ingredients. I must recommend pet supermarket for really quick delivery and excellent service
    Sandy Blake - November 4, 2016
  • Nature and Pet Supermarket
    Absolutely love dealing with Pet Supermarket, amazing prices, no fake food, delivers from England to Northern Ireland ,with free delivery if I order enough. Always arrives in good time. Love the cardboard boxes with paw prints and dog/cat smiles. Wouldnt buy my food for my dogs anywhere else now. Also their loyalty card scheme is incredible. .
    Louise Woof - October 14, 2016