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R.I.P Fleas Extra Spray for Dog & Cats
R.I.P Fleas Extra Spray for Dog & Cats

R.I.P Fleas Extra Spray for Dog & Cats

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RIP Fleas Extra is a spray that is used to rid your home from fleas ticks and mites. Offering long lasting protection, the spray contains 3 key ingredients to remove the troublesome...  Read more

R.I.P Fleas Extra Spray for Dog & Cats

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Product details

RIP Fleas Extra is a spray that is used to rid your home from fleas ticks and mites. Offering long lasting protection, the spray contains 3 key ingredients to remove the troublesome parasites and keep them out for up to 12 months. For optimum performance, the spray should be used once you have hoovered the infested room and cleared it from pets and humans.

Key features

  • Triple action formula gives year long protection
  • Protects by instantly killing fleas and preventing the eggs and larvae from developing
  • Reliable spray that clears the home of fleas ticks and mites

Fleas are a major irritation in the home biting you, your family and your pets and, in modern homes with central heating, the season now extends all year round. If your pet has had fleas, it is very important as flea eggs and larvae can lie dormant there and appear weeks later.

Click here for more information on fleas and RIP Fleas Extra Spray.


Permethrin 0.5% w/w, tetramethrin 0.10% w/w, S-methoprene 0.05% w/w.


Permethrin gives Rapid and long lasting kill of fleas ticks and mites

Tetramethrin gives Instant Knock Down of adult fleas

Methoprene gives Persistent year-long control by killing eggs and larvae.

Additional Information

Directions for use:

For optimum performance we recommend vacuuming carpeted surfaces immediately prior to application as this opens the carpet pile and allows the spray to penetrate. Similarly, vacuum and treat under large items of furniture, such as sofas, to target favoured hiding places of immature fleas. Remove all pets, including birds and fish, from the area to be treated. Remove cap. Invert can. Hold can approximately 30cm away from the surface to be treated and apply spray. Use 4 seconds of spray to cover 1 square metre of surface, spraying in a criss-cross pattern to ensure uniform delivery. Remember to spray in cracks and crevices around the room (e.g. skirting boards and gaps in exposed floorboards). It is advisable to continue to vacuum regularly after spraying.

Customer reviews

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  • All Clear
    RIP Fleas is fantastic, it cleared up the mite problem immediately. My house is all clear now after the first application and there is plenty left for a top up application, or if the little critters come back. Thrilled, thoroughly recommend it.
    Sue - June 9, 2019
  • excellent
    Always use RIP. Great product, great value, easy delivery.
    Anonymous November 15, 2017
  • Does what it says on the tin!
    If you are in the situation that you need to spray your home this is a very good product, and does what it says on the can.
    Clean pets - October 26, 2017
  • RIP
    Does exactly as described. Killed all fleas and no return. Quite a strong smell but not unpleasant so best used before you leave the house for an hour or so.
    Janice - November 4, 2016
  • Brilliant
    I Love this product and highly recommend 100% to anyone who has pets and worried about fleas, this spray does what it says and the smell isn't too bad either, my dog as flea allergy so we can't take the risk of any infestations occurring so far no fleas for over a year now and the canister will last a long time (depending how big your house/floor space is of course) I feel this is the best on the market and great value
    Zofia77 - June 16, 2015