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Sanicat Beauticat Wood Pellets Cat Litter
Sanicat Beauticat Wood Pellets Cat Litter

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Sanicat Beauticat Wood Pellets Cat Litter

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Plant-based and non-clumping, Sanicat Beauticat wood pellets cat litter helps to control nasty smells the natural way. What it's for Sanicat Beauticat wood pellets cat litter can replace...  Read more

Sanicat Beauticat Wood Pellets Cat Litter

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Product details

Plant-based and non-clumping, Sanicat Beauticat wood pellets cat litter helps to control nasty smells the natural way.

What it's for
Sanicat Beauticat wood pellets cat litter can replace your usual tray filler. For best results, mix it in gradually until your little furball gets used to it. Cats really value privacy, so make sure you put the tray in a nice quiet space so that they feel comfortable using it. 

This litter is made from 100% natural ingredients. It's soft on your pet's paws and dust-free so you know your pal won't be breathing in any nasty chemicals. 

The pellets are made from super-absorbent sawdust, so you don't need to change the tray as often as you would with other litters. You do still need to clean it regularly, as cats are more likely to use litter boxes that have been washed out with hot soapy water. Another benefit? This cat litter is completely biodegradable, so you can chuck used stuff on the compost heap or in the organic waste bin rather than sending it to landfill.

Key benefits

  • dust-free with no granular breakdown
  • two different sizes to choose from
  • keeps nasty smells under control, the natural way
  • absorbs moisture effectively and quickly
  • also suitable for gerbils, rabbits and caged birds
  • pellets are made out of recycled sawdust

How it works

As the wooden pellets soak up your cat's wee, nasty smells get trapped inside. This reduces the pongs coming from your cat's litter tray. The pellets also have their own natural pine fragrance, so they release a pleasant aroma into your home while removing nasty ones.

The small wooden pellets are made from compressed recycled sawdust, so you're reducing your carbon pawprint. It's around five times more absorbent than other brands and the pellets don't break down as they absorb. This means it won't get stuck to your pet's paws and tracked around your home. 

Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 24  Reviews

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  • Changed
    This has been my preferred cat litter for several years, however the last two I have bought have been completely different. It used to be very pale in colour which made it easier for me to monitor my cats reactive gut. It was quite large pieces and seemed to absorb the smells. It’s now very dark in colour with smaller pellets and quite a lot of sawdust in the bottom of the pack. It doesn’t absorb the smell in the same way and I have to change it much more often. I will not buy this again.
    Florence Pritt - August 30, 2018
  • Changed
    I’ve used this kind of litter for several years now and always given it a 5 star rating but I’ve been disappointed in it recently. It’s no longer the very pale pellets which are quite large but now quite small pieces and dark brown. As the pellets are generally smaller they break up much more quickly and don’t seem to contain the smell as efficiently. One of my cats has regular gut problems and with the pale litter I could see immediately if there was a problem starting. However with this dark colour the evidence is hidden. Please bring back the old style!
    Florence Pritt - May 21, 2018
  • Excellent Value for Money
    Our Two Girls Love the Wooden Pellets soft on there foot and great to Clean
    Kes John - November 4, 2017
  • SaniCat Wooden Pellets is Fantastic
    Before we Found SaniCat we used Crystals and the Wooden Pellets do exactly the same as Crystals but are not as Hard or Sharp on Kittens and Cats paws The Pellets brake down with the Wee and With the Stool they cling to it was makes it much Easyer to Clean x
    Kes John - October 9, 2017
  • Sophisticat Wood Pellets Cat Litter
    My wife has 2 Ragdoll Cat's we have used Sophisticat Wood Pellets Cat Litter from day one its a great product & the breeders used it to a fantastic price to.
    Dave - March 4, 2017