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Seraquin for Cats & Small Dogs with Chondroitin

Seraquin for Cats & Small Dogs with Chondroitin
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Seraquin for cats & small dogs is a joint supplement designed to support your pet's skeletal health, keeping them comfortable and active as they move into old age. How it works Seraquin... Read more

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Product details

Seraquin for cats & small dogs is a joint supplement designed to support your pet's skeletal health, keeping them comfortable and active as they move into old age.

How it works
Seraquin contains naturally-occurring glucosamine and chondroitin, the building blocks of the cartilage that makes up your pet's joints. It's also packed with curcuminoids, a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that can help to reduce joint pain and fight degenerative free radicals. It's suitable for use alongside most prescription medicines, and comes in a chewy tablet form so cats and dogs are more likely to accept it as a treat.

Key benefits

  • designed to support joint health in cats and small dogs 
  • contains cartilage-repairing glucosamine and chondroitin
  • antioxidants combat free radicals and slow the breakdown of cartilage
  • anti-inflammatory, reducing joint swelling and pain
  • compatible with most prescription medicines; suitable for lifelong use
  • chewy tablet form helps pets to accept it as a treat

When to use it

Joyful running and playful jumping are important for your pet's exercise routine and physical health, but in later years, can begin to have a negative impact on their joints. If your cat or dog is growing stiffer, beginning to limp, or has lost interest in playing and jumping, they may be experiencing joint difficulties or pain as part of the natural ageing process. Using Seraquin empowers your pet, helping to reduce inflammation and repair cartilage, so they can keep playing and exercising well into their senior years. You should still check in with your vet from time to time, to check whether your senior pet is at risk of other underlying issues like osteoarthritis.

Customer reviews

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  • Seraquin
    Our fourteen year old cat seems much livelier since taking these tablets.
    Sally - July 31, 2019
  • Does what it says
    I bought these tablets for one of my cats, who's is showing signs of her age regarding her mobility. She is 10 years old and hobbling a little bit! She is now into the second month of taking them and there has been a definite improvement. I am so pleased! I put them into her bowl with dry food and they are the first thing she eats.
    Carole - September 29, 2018
  • Seraquin for cats
    This product has made a difference to my almost 17 year oldcat. It has improved her mobility noiceably and she eats the tablet like a treat which really helps.
    Denise - June 21, 2018
  • Good one!
    Very good service, what I ordered delivered within 5 days
    Gwyh - January 25, 2018
  • These definitely help
    Our cat, Walter, is 16 now, he's been having these tablets since the beginning of 2016 when back legs were quite bad, some days he would "moon walk" as though they were vary painful and he'd started climbing rather than jumping, it took a couple of months to get the real effect of Seraquin but since then his legs have been much better and he has been able to run and jump normally, we never did get down to the lesser dose of one tablet a day, he likes them so much he crunches the first one and looks for the second and we haven't the heart to deny him, our vet just laughs, she's seen the benefit of them because he has diabetes so when he goes for his checks she always tests his leg muscles and is impressed at how good they are. I'd thoroughly recommend these tablets, they are worth every penny of the price, I don't like to think what a state he would be in by now if we hadn't tried them, he might not have still been here if he'd lost the use of them altogether.
    Barbara - August 24, 2017