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Kokoba Premium Cat Tower

Kokoba Premium Cat Tower
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The Kokoba large scratching tree gives your cats a sturdy structure for them to play, jump and sleep on. How it works  This Kokoba scratching tree is designed with several different... Read more

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Product details

The Kokoba large scratching tree gives your cats a sturdy structure for them to play, jump and sleep on.

How it works 

This Kokoba scratching tree is designed with several different platforms for your pets to explore, as well as two cosy sleeping dens which are perfect for catching forty winks.

The tree has special scratching posts on each level. They’re covered with soft sisal, which feels great on their claws and is firm enough to offer resistance without hurting them. 

Your kitty will be sure to love the cushioned areas, where they can survey what’s going on below, or just have a quick nap. There are also plush toys and a rattle to keep them occupied when they’re feeling a bit more lively.

Key benefits

  • two cosy sleeping dens
  • sturdy base to support several cats
  • sisal scratching poles
  • easy to assemble. 

When to use it 

The tree comes with several platforms, so it’s ideal in families with more than one cat. Put it in their favourite area to encourage them to start using it immediately. 

Scratching’s good for cats as it helps to sharpen their claws, and this tree’s special posts give them a dedicated place to do it without resorting to your sofa. It’s not just about their claws though – this is also a way to mark their territory. This tree’s large size means there’s space for everyone to mark out their own area and to play without getting in each other’s way. High poles are also a good way to encourage them to stretch out, working those joints and muscles.

If you think your four-legged friend’s scratching more than normal, have a talk with your vet as it could be a symptom of anxiety or stress.

Size Guide

Pole Diameter Depth Width Height
 9 cm  60 cm 50 cm 185cm

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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 8  Reviews

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  • Fantastic!
    This is a fantastic activity centre, my cats love it. My little cat spends a lot of time indoors and she loves to climb and scratch this. It is very tall but really sturdy and both cats can climb and play on it at the same time. It's also a nice colour. This is definitely worth the money.
    J Scott - June 30, 2018
  • Love it!
    Total cat entertainment system! All six of my cats love this, I'm highly entertained by their antics on it! :-D My 3 legged cat throws herself up it and now only seems to come down to eat and litter, she loves it on the 2nd highest bed and enjoys surveying her territory. Also good head-butting height up there. Easy to assemble, nice and sturdy, love the blue. Highly recommended!!
    M Hedley - June 6, 2018
  • Top Cat
    I love this product, it's very stylish, tall and a beautiful blue colour, as previously stated the underside wood can been seen on the higher levels, rectified by paint or material if you wish. Screw heads can be seen on the material,but as I'm only 5 ft tall I can only see four, the screws themselves being bronze/gold in colour. The scratch posts are a good length for adult cats and the levels are perfect for them to keep an eye on their environment. Cats are fussy by nature, mine loves the front room window, I've moved the cat tree to the conservatory as it was a little overwhelming in my living room. He does use it now and again and likes to sit and sleep on the higher levels. I have encouraged him to use it by spraying Catnip on all levels. Other cats have wandered in and used it, I found a small female cat sleeping in the nest/ box, really cute.
    Angela Jenkins - June 5, 2018
  • Strong High Tower blue and beige
    Cat Tower was bought for my cat because he knocked an ornament in front of the TV over plus I thought it would do him good exercise as he's an indoor cat. Although it's by the window and to the left of the TV he doesn't use it much. I put a sheet on the step which is on the same step as the cube and let it hang down so it creates some privacy but I've still got to tame him with the ham that he eats to use the tower more. He does like to climb from a small cabinet to the window sill to the cat tower. He only goes to the two very high ones if I put the ham there. The tower is very strong though, the instructions were clear took a 2 to 3 hours to make, easy to assemble. Although he's an adult cat he was a bit scared on the top one but some practice with the pieces of ham and he should over come that fear.
    Rachel and Dylan - May 31, 2018
  • Highly Recommended
    Would definitely recommend this product for your little ball of fur! Really Easy to assemble and very sturdy when built. Pros Looks Great Great variety of platform Very tall which my kitten loves and the top tier is high enough that S/He is not disturbed Box is also nice and cosy Height if the actual scratching posts are superb and will help cats of all sizes Cons Toy mouse fell off in the first hour I have attached a couple of my own toys to the underside of the top two levels using some elastic Make sure you tighten the screws properly as they do seem to loosen over time As the top two levels are so high, you can see the wood underneath both of them. I got some similar material and used a staple gun to cover the underside. Looks much nicer. Overall a fantastic item. Would've given 5 stars if the mouse hadn't fallen off and the undersides of the top two levels were covered in material.
    Mr V Patel - April 18, 2017