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Royal Canin Anallergenic Adult Dry Dog Food
Royal Canin Anallergenic Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Anallergenic Adult Dry Dog Food

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Royal Canin Canine Anallergenic is designed to help reduce and prevent the effects of food allergies in your dog, so they can enjoy life to the full. How it works It uses hydrolysed...  Read more

Royal Canin Anallergenic Adult Dry Dog Food

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Product details

Royal Canin Canine Anallergenic is designed to help reduce and prevent the effects of food allergies in your dog, so they can enjoy life to the full.

How it works

It uses hydrolysed proteins to promote easy digestion. These are proteins broken down into smaller parts, and this makes them much easier for your dog to absorb. The inclusion of low molecular weight peptides also helps the digestion process as the smaller the proteins and peptides, the less likely they are to cause an allergic reaction in your dog.

Ingredients include soya, minerals, vegetable fibres, and fish oil. These ingredients are chosen to ensure a balanced diet while also avoiding sources that commonly cause allergic reactions. The production process of the food itself is also highly monitored to ensure that potential allergens are not included anywhere in the mix.

It is also rich in antioxidants, and this means your dog may benefit from a boosted immune system. Antioxidants reduce the number of free radicals, which can cause potentially dangerous levels of damage to your dog’s healthy cells, leading to diseases ranging from kidney problems to poor bone health.

Key benefits

  • hydrolysed proteins are easy to digest, and help to avoid allergic reactions
  • low molecular weight peptides help to reduce the chance of allergic reactions
  • monitored production process to prevent allergen sources entering the food
  • balanced nutrition from natural ingredients including soya proteins, fish oils, and minerals
  • antioxidants contribute to your dog’s immune system while fighting off free radicals.

When to use it

There are a number of symptoms that your dog might exhibit if they’re allergic or intolerant to certain food. The most obvious sign of a food intolerance is vomiting or diarrhoea after eating. Symptoms of food allergy, on the other hand, can include irritated areas of skin or red patches. Keep an eye on your dog. If they are biting, scratching, or licking the same parts of their body repeatedly, check for signs of inflammation. It is important to note that these symptoms can also indicate other conditions, so speaking to your vet to isolate the problem before taking further action is recommended.

Because veterinary diets are formulated for the nutritional support of pets with specific clinical conditions, we recommend that you only use them under professional advice. For more information on feeding Royal Canin Canine Anallergenic to your dog, please consult your veterinary surgeon.

Feeding Guide

Weight (kg) Lean Normal Overweight
(g / day) Cup/ day (g / day) Cup/ day (g / day) Cup/ day
2 41  4/8 cup 48  4/8 cup 54  5/8 cup
5 82  7/8 cup 95  1 cup 108  1 cup + 1/8 cup
10 138  1 cup + 4/8 cup 159  1 cup + 6/8 cup 181  2 cup
15 186  2 cup 216  2 cup + 3/8 cup 245  2 cup + 5/8 cup
20 231  2 cup + 4/8 cup 268  3 cup 304  3 cup + 3/8 cup
30 314  3 cup + 4/8 cup 363  4 cup 413  4 cup + 4/8 cup
40 389  4 cup + 2/8 cup 450  4 cup + 7/8 cup 512  5 cup + 5/8 cup

Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 54  Reviews

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  • Dog food
    Spot on delivery was first class
    Mark carter - April 5, 2021
  • Excellent service
    Anallergenic recommended for my dog from my vet, helped with his stomach, excellent delivery service
    Meryl Durkan - December 20, 2020
  • Great Service, Always.
    Having ordered Anallergenic dog food for our Frenchy on a number occasions from MedicAnimal, service has always been first class. Thank You.
    Steve Berry - October 24, 2017
  • A trial diet
    I searched online for this recommended food by my vet, and Pet Supermarket was definitely the best price, some £12 less than everywhere else! And so easy to order with fast delivery.
    Christine Ladyman - July 12, 2017
  • Royal Canin Anallergenic
    Excellent service good delivery quick service. In the past I wasn't impressed with service but gave it another chance and what an improvement excellent I would recommend medic animal to anyone !!!!!!!
    Mrs G Mortimer-Jagger - June 1, 2017